Order Up!!

Order Up!! allows players to experience the dizzying life of a top-notch Chef and restaurateur as they prepare all manner of exotic food, serve hordes of demanding patrons, and build their own restaurant empire from the ground up!

Order Up! was first released on the Wii in North America and Europe during the 4th Quarter of 2008 to impressive levels of critical acclaim.

With a critical meta-score of 76%, including a healthy number of reviews scoring 80% or higher, Order Up! easily ranks as the highest-rated cooking game across all platforms. Rated in the top 7% of all games reviewed by ONM. Its closest competitor on the Wii lags behind by more than 13%, and the heavily marketed genre sales leader, Cooking Mama, routinely checks in anywhere between 60% and 68%.

Order Up! even proved successful with the hardcore games media (unprecedented for a cooking/casual game) by receiving an 8.0 from Game Informer magazine and an 85% from GamePro!

Originally released for the Nintendo Wii, Order Up!! took advantage of the unique motion controller to simulate genuine (simplified) cooking actions. This same approach to the design of the core play mechanics is now re-tooled to take specific advantage of the 3DS’s touch screen capability. Each culinary tool and motion is tuned to be familiar and similar to its real-world counterpart, continuing to offer the intuitive and engaging experience that Order Up!! is known for.

The characters and tone of Order Up! are presented in a light-hearted and comical style, designed to appeal to all types of players – ranging from children to adults, and from males to females. Whimsical humor offers a counterpoint to the manic table-juggling gameplay and helps players to feel comfortable and entertained throughout the game.

As players rise through the ranks of the culinary world, from fast-food to world-class restaurants, their array of recipes can grow larger and their arsenals of culinary equipment can improve in quality. Along the way they face demanding patrons, discriminating food critics, and a showdown against other culinary masters in the game’s final competition.

Accessible For All Ages: Exciting, engaging and easy to play, anyone can cook in Order Up!!

More Than a Mini‐Game: Order Up!! is a full game experience with a story, a world, a colorful cast of characters and invites players to truly run a restaurant.

Delicious Gameplay: An original, fresh combination of PS3 Move gesture cooking and 3DSenabled 3 dimensional frantic kitchen management, Order Up!! is unlike any other cooking game on any platform.

New Restaurants: Kung Fusion, featuring Asian fusion cuisine and replayable Fast Food Drive-Thru restaurant

Stereo 3D support

3D and Enhanced Visuals! – Re-tooled graphics and a new level of immersion!

All graphics in the game are being revisited to ensure the highest level of polish on the new target device. Higher resolution textures, enhanced scene lighting, and other additions and alterations are being made wherever possible.

The entire game fully supports the 3D features offered by the 3DS. Menu elements pop off of the screen and the entire game world is seen with a new and magnificent sense of depth and immersion.

Proven Gameplay With Great New Controls! – Touch-screen cooking!

Order Up!! is praised for its responsive controls and intuitive motions. Gameplay is even more refined on 3DS as we keep the same responsive animations and core gameplay, now driven by ultra responsive touch-screen and stylus input!

The second (touch) screen will boast newly designed graphics which clearly show the gestures and shapes that players must trace, drag, tap, or hold.

Features such as the pop-up Menu Ticket can be entirely passed to the second (touch) screen, keeping the top view focused entirely on the action!

A New Excited Audience! – The top-rated game is hitting a brand new device!

Cooking and Restaurant games continue to thrive on handheld devices! Order Up!! is set to grab attention again as the best in its class, and the first of its kind on 3DS!

Genre Analysis

The Cooking genre continues to grow in the console and handheld marketplace, populated mostly by low-quality “shovelware” products. Aside from the dominant sales leader, Cooking Mama, most of these games are ports of browser or Flash-based games, or mediocre offerings that rely on a license (Hell’s Kitchen, Jamie Oliver and so on).

Order Up!! is already the standard-bearer for quality in the genre. It stands alone at the top of review charts, head-and-shoulders over ALL of the competition in terms of review scores. With a meta-average of a full 13% over its nearest competitor on the Wii, Order Up! is the highest rated cooking game, period.