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Scrabble and Mahjong meet to create a hard-to-resist puzzle sensation in WordJong DS, the best version of the popular puzzle game yet!

WordJong features simple, yet engrossing gameplay: Use a set of lettered tiles to create words, clearing the board as you use tiles.

Shoot for high-scoring words, earn bonus tiles and work to clear the board with no leftover letters.

WordJong boasts several new features exclusive to the Nintendo DS, including Solo Play, Multiple Online Modes and party Blast!

Multiple Online Modes: Use download play to share your game with a friend, compete locally with wireless multipayer, or connect to the internet via Nintendo Wi-Fi

Solo Play: Single-Player mode includes over 50 puzzle shapes, which unlock bonuses and prizes

WordJong Party Blast! Mode: Take on either human or AI opponents in this frantic head-tohead mode that adds power-ups titles to completely shake up the game.